About Chris

I could simply say “Im a country girl” and leave it at that.  I was raised on a dairy farm and still live in the country in central Wisconsin.  For the past 25 years my husband and I have operated a farm market.  Most of those years I was in charge of the retail end while he did the growing.  I also grew and sold perennial plants.

I have always dabbled in art.  I am self taught and am still learning.   In 2013 I developed a serious eye condition called Blepharospasm.  In short, my eyes clamped shut and would not open.  Strange thing is, if I was doing a task with my hands, they would open.  So I started painting more.  I think it is a form of meditation and getting away from the hubbub of everyday stuff.  Treatments were not helping me so I had surgery in late 2017 and am much better.  But because of this, I am now retiring and enjoying life painting.

Some of my paintings show a wild, free sort of passion.  Those reflect my mood.  Others you will notice come from my passion for flowers.  And I still love the farm with old fashioned windmills, barns, cabins, and animals.

Want to reach me?  Call me at 715-572-0515.  or e-mail me at chrisrussell284@gmail.com